“Schumacher Design offers the right mix of creative and practical. Jenny was ideal to work with on a website overhaul project, as she is flexible and accustomed to working on a team.”
— K. Shingler | Communications Director | IRPP | Montreal

Digital design adds another layer to your brand. The majority of design communications is digital, meaning that your logo and related communications need to work across all digital platforms:

  • desktop
  • smart phone
  • tablet
  • smart watch
  • e-publishing
  • social media
  • large screen presentations
  • video
  • animations

Schumacher Design covers all the bases and does the necessary testing—you won't be stuck in a situation where your brand is not at its most effective. We add interactivity only where it makes sense, not just because it's cool.

Not all technology works well—we always take that into consideration in order to avoid risky and time-consuming endeavors. We research and forecast the technology that is coming up. We pride ourselves in being able to guide our clients down the digital paths that will benefit their brand the most.